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Vendor Licensing Web Application Software

The Vendor Licensing process among Tribes has been in need of a more streamlined approach for some time. From a vendor’s perspective, forms are often redundant. Vendors enter the same information for every tribe and it can be a very time consuming process.

From the Tribe's perspective, receiving paper applications can be voluminous and requires storage. To answer both vendor and tribes needs, Egghart Consulting provides a web application to electronically receive vendor applications without all the paperwork.

Industry Needs and Technology Coming Together

More efficient processes would come from unified state forms. Agreeing on a single state form would accelerate each vendor’s filing. The more tribes that participate means the more vendors would use this service as a result of competitive pricing and expanded services.

Tribe Independence

Egghart Consulting understands that each Tribe implements a unique process for vendor licensing and can offer services within the Vendor Licensing Web portal to meet each Tribe’s needs.

Application Process

The site will be used by Gaming vendors, Non-gaming Vendors, and their principals/employees.

1. Vendors sign up requesting access to each tribe’s form.

2. Upon the tribe's permission to access the form, vendors may fill in and add principals/employees.

3. Once the convenience fee is paid by the vendor, the full application will be available to the tribe. The tribe is also notified with a PDF or Word attachment.

4. The Vendor may go into other tribes' application forms, filling only the unique information not already completed.

Keep Current Processes

Tribes will not have to modify current processes when they receive the application form and any attachments. The only change is how you receive information whether it’s through email or printout. The data you receive will be comprehensive and compliant toward existing tribal requirements.


For Tribes, it is free to use. For Vendors, there will be a convenience charge of $25/vendor and a submission fee per employee or principal. These fees from vendors will pay for operational costs of this website. This includes hosting through Amazon Web Services and services for website data encryption.

For more information on pricing, please contact Info@EgghartConsulting.com or call us at 949-872-2422.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What is www.Vendor.TribeLicensing.com?

www.Vendor.TribeLicensing.com is a web application that streamlines the vendor application process to Tribes. It significantly reduces the amount of manpower, paper, and resources needed in the existing processes to apply for a vendor license with Tribes.

2) Does www.Vendor.TribeLicensing.com replace a Tribe’s vendor licensing procedure?

No. This web application allows a Tribe to receive applications and attachments online, but the Tribe has to perform its own procedures to license vendors including collecting the vendor license fees and performing background checks. When a Tribe clicks “Approve” in the web application, it is approving a particular vendor to have access to the web portal and to see the data. The “Approve/Deny” button is NOT giving the Tribe the ability to approve or deny a vendor license. That is done through the Tribe’s own vendor licensing procedure.

3) Is the www.Vendor.TribeLicensing.com convenience fee separate from the vendor licensing fee a Tribe charges?

Yes. The convenience fee is for vendors to use the www.Vendor.TribeLicensing.com web application. Once a vendor has submitted the application forms and paid the convenience fees to www.Vendor.TribeLicensing.com, the Tribe must continue its own vendor licensing procedure including collecting license fees directly from the vendor.

4) Why is the convenience fee charged to vendors and not to Tribes?

www.Vendor.TribeLicensing.com was inspired by the needs of vendors to simplify their application process to each tribe. Typically, a vendor has to fill out a new application form for each tribe manually, which costs the vendor significant manpower and time to comply with this requirement.

5) Can a Tribe decide to pay the convenience fee on behalf of the vendors?

Yes. After logging in, a Tribe can go to “Settings”, and then click the box next to “Pay website fees for vendors.” Those fees will then be billed to the Tribe after the Vendor has submitted their application.

Go to Settings.

Click the box to pay fees on behalf of the vendor.

6) Do all vendors have to use www.Vendor.TribeLicensing.com if a Tribe is registered in www.Vendor.TribeLicensing.com?

It is up to the discretion of the Tribe. Tribes may offer vendors a choice of submitting paper applications and/or to use www.Vendor.TribeLicensing.com. Tribes are responsible for organizing the files and data that they receive manually from vendors. Applications that Tribes receive from www.Vendor.TribeLicensing.com would already be organized and accessible electronically.

www.Vendor.TribeLicensing.com allows vendors to input data once, which would then auto-populate forms for each Tribe application or renewal. It would save a significant amount of time as well as shipping and handling costs incurred by regular mail.

7) Do you have database management software to continue a paperless process after we receive the data?

Yes. The Vendor Licensing Manager uses a SQL database and a user- friendly interface for managing, processing, and approving vendors electronically. This software needs to be purchased from us and the price is based on the number of users.

8) Can we adjust/customize user settings in www.Vendor.TribeLicensing.com to our needs? For example, changing passwords or setting up the time for a renewal reminder notice?

Yes. You can make these changes in the “Settings” page as seen in question 5.

9) What if a Tribe requires the submission of court documents and other legal documents in the vendor application process? Does www.Vendor.TribeLicensing.com handle those submissions?

Yes. Vendors can attach any documents, photos, etc. when applying through www.Vendor.TribeLicensing.com.

10) What if a tribe requires additional information from the standard form used in www.Vendor.TribeLicensing.com?

We created this standard form after reviewing many application forms from various jurisdictions. If your tribe has additional requirements or fields that this form does not offer, please contact us for a free consultation. We will work with you to find a solution. Contact us at Info@EgghartConsulting.com or call us at (949) 872-2422.

11) Can a Tribe use its own specific forms and logos instead of the generic forms already provided in www.Vendor.TribeLicensing.com?

Yes, Egghart Consulting is offering this service. Please contact us at Info@EgghartConsulting.comor call us at 949-872-2422 for pricing.